Sour grapes leave bad taste with writer

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Referring to the recent article about the new state Senate being organized in a more bipartisan fashion, I am disappointed that Senators Bunde, Wagoner and Dyson had nothing positive to offer. I detected a large amount of political sour grapes on their part.

Alaska is not about what political party you’re in, and many of us regular folk are worn-out by the mean spirited partisanship that these three senators seem to want.

Please, Senators Bunde, Wagoner and Dyson, get with the program. Put aside your differences and start working together to address our state’s issues and problems. It is long past time to get things done.

For far too long one party control has been bad for Alaska. I, for one, admire the elected officials who are trying a fresh approach by organizing the state Senate in a more productive and representative manner.

Dan Frank


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