Double the fun: Being a twin means having a built-in best friend


Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006

“Can you tell what she’s thinking? Have you ever switched classes with her to trick the teachers? Do your parents ever get you confused?”, or one of my personal favorites: “Have you ever looked in the mirror and gotten confused?”

Some people don’t seem to understand twins too well. They have the idea that if you are a twin, you’re a cloned freak who can read minds and play practical jokes everyday on unsuspecting teachers. Although I suppose I could live my life that way, I really don’t think about doing that stuff a lot. It mostly happens only on TV.

For example, “The Parent Trap” movies, both the new and old versions, were always two of my favorite movies. It involved twins doing wicked and extremely funny things to their evil soon-to-be stepmother. The Mary-Kate and Ashley shows weren’t half bad either. One of the newer movies, “The Prestige,” has some pretty sweet twin stuff in it too, but I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t seen it. Those are just a few of the movies with twins in them that I can think of.

Not that it isn’t bad enough having to look exactly like your sibling, you also face the constant dilemma of being called the wrong name. In situations like these, you have a few choices. One, you can correct someone every time, which gets very tiring. Two, you can constantly wear jewelry, shirts, and whatever bits of clothing and accessories you can possible scrawl your first initial or name into. Three, you can flash the wrong-name-caller one of your biggest smiles, say “That’s me!” and ignore the fact that they probably will go on the entire year not being able to tell who you are. Besides, they most likely will think that there is only one of you who can just change clothes really fast — I’ve had it happen before.

A really great thing about having a twin is that you never have to be alone. If you move to a different school you won’t have to face the first day by yourself. Having a twin is like having a built-in best friend! You are the same age, you have pretty much the same interests, and you get to see each other every day. There are also fights and arguments that occasionally break out, but it is never anything that lasts long.

Being a twin has its good qualities and it’s bad problems. Over all I think it is great that no matter how many times I say that I wished I was an only child and I didn’t have a twin when I was angry, I can just go into the next room to tell my best friend I’m sorry. It works out quite nicely. Having a twin means there is always someone there to share the good times with, like getting to drive without a parent for the first time, or the bad, like having to tell your fifth-grade P.E. teacher that their dog you were watching for them while they were on vacation died.

A twin is someone who can take the blame, dish it out, and confuse the heck out of people with you. It makes things interesting. I’ve come up with a simple conclusion: Life is better in doubles.

Mallory Millay is a junior at Skyview High School.

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