Grandma's Fattigmands

Posted: Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"Of all of the wonderful things that came from my Grandma Evelyn's kitchen, my favorite is a Scandanavian cookie that takes me back to childhood. They are pronounced futti-mund, and are one of my family's favorite to this day. Covered in powdered sugar, these deep fried cookies were a treat we cousins loved to snack on as we played and enjoyed the family gathering every Christmas Eve at my Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Their country home was situated on top of the most wonderful sledding hill around, and after supper, opening presents and filling ourselves with fattigmands, we would pile outdoors into the cold night air. With rows of stately oak trees lining the clear path of clean white snow down the hillside, we would ride our tobaggans at terrific speeds down the hill until our mittens were caked in snow and our cheeks were bright red from laughing and the chilly temperatures.

We would eventually head back indoors at the beckoning of our parents, as they prepared to return home. A fattigmand or two always made it into our hands before we left Grandma's kitchen, and the ice cream bucket she used to store them in would leave only traces of powdered sugar behind once we left."

Grandma's Fattigmands

12 egg yolks

1 cup whipping cream (do not whip)

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 Tablespoon vanilla

3 1/2 Cups flour (plus more to roll out dough)

1/4 tsp. Cardomon (optional)

Lard or oil for deep frying

Powdered sugar

In large mixing bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar approx. 10 minutes, or until very thick and lemon colored. Stir in cream, vanilla and cardomon. Mix in enough flour to make a stiff dough. Cover and chill while fat heats. Heat to 375 degrees. Approx. two inches of oil works well. Divide chilled dough in half. On floured surface, roll dough very thin, about 1/8 to 1/16 inch thick. Using a pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut dough into 4x2 inch diamonds. Slit each diamond in the center, then draw one point through the opposite direction. Fry in hot oil until lightly browned, turning to brown evenly. Drain then roll gently in powdered sugar. Store in a cool location.

From the kitchen of: Evy Gebhardt, Kasilof

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