Reader watching new governor with 1 eye open

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, December 08, 2006

Welcome Sara Palin. This new governor is set to start negotiations on a gas line contract a day after being inaugurated. I say to her and the administration, good luck. This is like a first-year law student passing the bar exam and immediately taking on a capital murder trial. Sad to say it is all Alaskans who could receive the penalties for mistakes of this first-year state politician.

On one hand, Mrs. Palin says she and this administration will adequately fund education and law enforcement, then the next sentence from her mouth is that the state needs to cut $1.3 billion from its budget. Where and what will be cut? Is education and law enforcement on this list?

She said during her campaign that Juneau would remain the star on the map, whatever that means, and that the capital would not be moved. Three weeks later she is quoted as saying that her commissioners would not be required to live in Juneau as they have in the past, but she wanted them to do the work of Alaskans where Alaskans live.

Makes me wonder if all the Alaskans have moved out of Juneau without me knowing about it.

Truth in her administration is her slogan. Ending corruption is another. This is yet to be seen, thus I cannot judge as yet. But all Alaskans should sleep with one eye open as the sheep go to play with the wolves, and the budget axe begins its slow fall.

Thomas Baxter


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