What if healthcare reform doesn't work?

Posted: Tuesday, December 08, 2009

First of all let me say that I think there should be some kind of healthcare reform, but has anyone in this country really figured out what will happen if healthcare reform is passed by the congress and it doesn't work the way they think it will and does more damage then good for the people?

Specifically where is the $1.2 trillion going to come from to pay for the healthcare reform bill? The government doesn't have the money, which means putting new taxes on anything and everything they can to get the money to pay for healthcare reform, which means more of the money you do make, that is if you still have a job, will go to the government in the form of additional taxes. Plus the tax burden will also be put on the future generations still to come before the debt healthcare reform is paid.

Shouldn't any kind of healthcare reform cover all Americans, not like HR3962 which still leaves 25 to 30 million Americans uninsured?

Wendell Goodwill


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