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Posted: Monday, December 10, 2001

It should be no mystery about what causes AIDS

It is shameful that our society values political correctness above life.

Case in point is the article concerning AIDS in the Alaska Native population, dated Nov. 30.

The article states that:

1. Alaska Natives are becoming infected with AIDS at a rate both higher than in the past as well as higher than that population should statistically exhibit; and

2. State health officials don't seem to know why!

Are they serious?

All people, regardless of ethnicity, become infected with AIDS almost exclusively by two methods; first, by having extramarital sex, especially homosexual sex, and secondly by intravenous drug abuse.

I am not a state health official, but it is my guess that the Alaska Native population is probably probably "partying" a little more than is advisable.

It is also my opinion that if positive, the HIV status of individuals should be revealed. If you still want to partake with those infected, then party on, dude!

HIV is a disease usually initiated by making really stupid moral choices. Unfortunately, being stupid and amoral cannot be made illegal.

I would look to the soul. Reprinting inane articles that blur and mystify the causes of th e disease will only increase the toll in human life. Please stop.

Gary James


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