Gen Y Gifts: Keeping It Interactive

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003

(NAPSA)-In many ways, the holidays are rooted in tradition, with sights, sounds and smells that are constant from year to year. One area where tradition isn't necessarily a good thing is on the gift list, where most people wouldn't mind a little more variety in the presents they receive.

This is especially true among the members of Generation "Y"-young adults and 20-somethings who are generally in the process of establishing their own identities and breaking away from the tried-and-true gifts of yore. Fortunately, the dilemma of shopping for these 13-and-up individuals can usually be solved with a little imagination and novelty.

That's where a specialty retailer like Spencer Gifts comes in. Chock full of items to bring a warm smile to young faces, they are one-stop shops for fun that lasts long after New Year's Day. For example:

Airzooka-This fun-of-a-gun gizmo launches a ball of air up to 30 feet. Seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a person's hair, or ruffle their shirt or papers. With this handheld tool, you can sneak-attack your friends, boss, or even total strangers.

Homer Simpson-This singing, dancing Springfield resident is 50 inches tall and spouts nine unique sayings.

Kindergoth-Lovable plush toys that reflect the Goth lifestyle. The 14" tall dolls come in five styles: Nightshade (vampire), Arania (girl), Zero (boy), Bonez (dog) and Voodoo (cat). They're so ugly, they're cute!

Swinging Monkey-These guys hang around anywhere and provide plenty of laughter; they even join in laughing as they swing around.

In addition to holiday-themed items, Spencer Gifts offers a variety of novelties that make amusing presents for any occasion, from beer pint glasses to novelty lights, from decorative posters and prints to pillows. To find a location nearest you, visit

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