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Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003

(NAPSA)-If you're a child of the '60s or '70s, you'll likely recall that today's low riders were yesterday's hip huggers. In this vein, if you have children of your own you'll undoubtedly find some of the games that were a fun part of your own childhood as you shop this holiday season.

"Toys are often compared to fashion because lines change every season," explains Lee Ann Wong, director of games marketing for Mattel. "In the same way that vintage fashion is popular, we've found that games from previous decades have a new audience."

This year, in the fashion world, the sports jersey has hit a slam-dunk comeback with fashion followers. The parallel can be found with sports enthusiasts via Mattel Classic Basketball (approximate retail: $12.99). Fans old and new will find the same look and retro feel of the original game released in the '80s.

Like a mini skirt on the dance floor, spinning back from the '60s is Tip It ($9.99). This ultimate balancing game challenges players as they spin the pointer to find out what color disk to remove-without toppling the tricky clown topper, Mr. Tip It.

"What's particularly exciting about the classics is that while many things have changed over time, the keys to great game play have not," says Wong. "Easy-to-follow rules, parts that are simply maneuvered, and fun while playing are components that stand the test of time."

The classic kids game Battling Tops ($9.99) brings exciting competition alive by pitting the tops-with their original names like "Hurricane Hank" and "Tricky Nicky"-in competition against each other to be the last one spinning.

Kids and parents go bananas for Tumblin' Monkeys ($9.99), as players are challenged to prevent the monkeys from falling out of the tree.

New to the stable of hit games is Electronic Pin the Tail on the Donkey ($19.99). It takes the classic birthday party game and features a spunky, interactive donkey who goads players for the challenge of pinning the magnetic tail on to the donkey.

Like the classic jacket, white button-down shirt or pair of cargo pants, there's a classic game for everyone this holiday season!

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