Why can Soldotna keep sidewalks free of snow, but Kenai cannot?

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I'm curious about something. Within days of our first big snowfall this year, Soldotna road crews were immediately seen plowing roads and sidewalks. Everywhere in Soldotna, residential

areas, main streets, all over, the sidewalks on both sides have been meticulously shaved and ready for pedestrians.

Why is it, then, that the city of Kenai road crews can't even make sure our sidewalks around town (mainly the ones on the same side of the street as schools) are see-able and usable?

Every morning when taking my children to school, I see poor kids trudging through knee-high snow, in the blowing cold, getting up to the crosswalks only to sink down to their hips in snow! These kids range in age from middle schoolers to high schoolers. You find them actually walking onto the Spur Highway with busy morning traffic because they don't want to get wet and cold. It's just a blessing that no one has been hit and killed by a car or truck yet.

Please explain why Kenai can't do what Soldotna does for their pedestrians?

It's not just a comfort issue, it's a major safety issue here. Both sides of the street should be kept snow-free or at least cleaned off for our pedestrians as well. They go the gamut to plow the roads, the next thing on the list should be the sidewalks. I mean, it takes a different blade, and one quick swipe would be all it needed.

Take a look at the crosswalks the next time you are in town. Would you want to be walking in thigh-high snow? Do you want your kids walking on the city street with cars because they don't want to get wet and cold, ultimately to spend the entire day with wet socks, pants and shoes?

It should be part of the plowing. Period. I am sure it is not that Soldotna has a better roads department than Kenai, or is it? Nahhhh, hopefully, it's just a major oversight.

Happy holidays!

Kara Steele, Kenai

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