Christmas Memories 1956

Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh, how I do remember waiting in a department store

for Santa to tell me on "His List" I made a good score.

Then I'd give him "My Wish List" for one toy or more,

'cuz good li'l boys 'n girls were who his gifts were for.

Each year I'd request something from inside his sack.

In fifty six, I asked for a new train and an oval track.

I wanted it to blow smoke out of its locomotive stack,

to have a whistle, and be painted glossy railroad black.

On that Christmas morning, my feet ran lickety split;

much quicker than my little legs would normally permit.

The sight of no train caused some tears I must admit.

But in our basement was an odd sound coming out of it.

Daddy and Santa Claus must have stayed up really late

for a brand new train village together they did create.

It had a mountain with a tunnel, pond for kids to skate,

bridge to cross over leading to country roads upstate.

This was more than my initial train and track request;

greater than I asked for; I had never been so blessed.

It came with hat and overalls so I'd be rightly dressed.

Christmas, nineteen fifty six, would surely be my best.

I'd blow on the whistle to be sure the track was clear.

Little tablets in the stack made puffs of smoke appear.

Some days I'd need to wait my turn to be the engineer,

because I had two other brothers who'd also volunteer.

Looking back to those days gone by, I've a vivid memory

of an old electric train set for my two brothers and me.

And today if I'd ask them both, I'm sure we'd all agree,

Its okay there wasn't a gift under that Christmas tree.

These are some Christmas memories I never will forget

when no body at Christmas time went too deep in debt;

when family ties were everything with no fuss or fret,

and a new transformer ran a well used Lionel train set.

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