Who runs government, us or the banks?

Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010

Vermont's U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has forced the hand of the private Federal Reserve banking system. The private bank was forced to disclose some of their financial dealings.

According to Sen. Sanders the $700 billion "TARP was pocket change compared to trillions in near-zero interest loans doled out" Of course he is a socialist and Alaskans do not unite with socialist ideology. You can see his complete release at his web site www.sanders.senate.gov.

Check out how much went to foreign banks.

As I have stated before, the veil continues to be removed on who is running the country. It is not the people. Our government has become like most on the planet. We the people do not care who or what runs the government as long as we get "our fair share." The money bag is empty. The next time you make your mortgage or credit card payment, ask yourself why you have to make the payment to the "Banks to big to fail" twice -- once from the U.S. Treasury and once from your hard earned dollars.

Russia, China and India are uniting as economic powers. They have dropped the dollar as their global currency and moving forward out from the global economic collapse.

Mega-banks have destroyed the economic vitality of the nation. We must realize and come together as a people. Ignore those who continue to divide us. We must realize what is needed for the future. Unfortunately, if we do not it will be our children and grandchildren who pay for the sins of greed.

Ray Southwell


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