Trappers rally needs balance

Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Most folks would rather not learn about this subject, but having my dog killed in a snare 12 steps from the roadside on private property caused me to pay attention. The information at the trappers rally would have you believe that dogs getting trapped is unusual. More realistically the reporting of one is unusual. An experienced trapper told me that the trappers trapping Cohoe Loop catch dogs in about half the traps set. I have personally seen dog pelts in trappers homes.

They would have you believe they are doing a public service. And, yes, dog owners do need to be responsible. Most people will never find their dog when lost.

Trappers state that fur bearing animals are a public resource. True, but if the trapping is not in the wildlife refuge, then it is on private property. People need to know that trapping can occur on their property if it is not posted with the owner's name and number.

Traps on private property are not required to have any identification on the traps. No minimum setback distance from roads or trails is required. These regulations need to be changed to conform with the more reasonable requirements for trapping on the refuge.

Pat Murray


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