Politeness Among Americans on the Rise

Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002

(NUI) - Americans are more courteous and thoughtful than ever, according to a recent survey that tracks trends in etiquette and gift giving.

In fact, the third annual Gift Giving and Etiquette Survey conducted by Lenox, "The Gift Company," discovered that six out of every 10 people believe others have good to excellent manners, a 65 percent increase since 2001.

This trend is reflected by increased sales of professional dress, enrollment in etiquette schools and families dining together more often. In 2002, the Lenox survey found that almost half the population set the table four or more times a week, as compared to one-third in 2001.

"We're pleased that Americans are incorporating manners into their lives, returning to the dinner table, and taking time to enjoy more than just their meals but each other," said Peter Cobuzzi, vice president of brand development for Lenox. "We believe in the importance of tradition, thoughtfulness and celebration of family."

The survey found that this trend toward sensibility translates into how people express thoughtfulness through gift giving. More than half of Americans polled believed that their gift-giving style was "practical," while a third said that their gifts are "fun and spontaneous."

The survey also found that practical gift giving increases with age - only 26 percent of Americans ages 18 to 24 describe themselves as practical, while 75 percent of those ages 65 and older do. Conversely, a "fun and spontaneous" gift-giving style decreases with age by 49 percent.

When it comes to who wears the romantic pants in the family - the gentlemen win. The survey found that men are more likely to be categorized as romantic gift-givers than women.

Are you a practical, romantic or spontaneous gift giver? Lenox has developed a quiz to help gift givers identify their style while offering suggestions on new ways to gift, reminding givers that gift giving is not only an expression of sentiment, but also a necessity when practicing proper etiquette.

To take the quiz or for gift-giving tips, log on to www.lenox.com. To request a free brochure on modern etiquette, call 1-800-63-LENOX.

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