Closing central office should be considered viable budget option

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2003

Here's a novel solution for helping the district's budget shortfall: Shut down central office. Seriously, look at how much money this would save our district before considering raising the pupil-teacher ratio, closing schools, eliminating programs or reducing personnel. Farm central office employees out to local schools. Put administration on half-time administrator salary and have them teach the other half time to alleviate PTR.

The priority needs to be how to improve education in our schools, not let's cut where it hurts the kids the most. Make our children a priority. Our school board and school administration need to quit devaluing education by raising PTR, closing schools and eliminating programs and start providing a better learning environment by lowering PTR and offering decent classes.

The decision makers in our district need to provide a quality education for our kids. That needs to be our priority. Most of our administrators are qualified to teach. The ones who aren't could certainly be put to work as classroom aides. Put our money to work for our kids and put these administrators in the classrooms. Currently in some of our district schools, building administrators are teaching classes. Why wouldn't this work at a higher level? Let the next consolidation-building closure be central office. Let's see the administration on the front lines fighting for our children's right to a quality education.

I believe this is an option that must be tried before trying to solve budget problems by closing schools, raising PTR or cutting staff and certainly before eliminating any more of our programs. Let your local board members know this is a viable option.

Ask how much money this would save.

Diane Vikse, Kenai

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