Boy who lost belongings shows how to be grateful

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I had the honor this year of spending Thanksgiving Day with someone who is very special and a Hero to me. I was reminded that no matter what happens in life there is always something to be grateful for. My heros name is Colton Sterling.

Colton and his family lost their house and belonging in a fire on Thanksgiving morning. The house and contents were all destroyed. Colton is 8 years old and the bravest little guy I know. He was a little wound up for obvious reasons but Colton had a lot to talk about. He said Shannon I need to tell you something come sit down. I did and Colton said I don’t know if Buddy made it. Buddy is Coltons dog.

He said we left the door open but I couldn’t find him. I told him the neighbors would call it they found Buddy, but we all know that All Dogs Go to Heaven. Colton with a brave face said he knew that.

Colton showed me what the Red Cross had given him, a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy and friendship bracelet. He also told me that he had been given clothes too. He said when he left the house all he had on was his pajama bottoms, no shirt or shoes or anything.

He whispered to me that he still had the bottoms on under the pants that the Red Cross had given him. I told him he could wear what he wanted no one could see them anyway. Colton also said he had not picked up all his toys in the yard and he had three fire trucks and a snowmachine out back. I said when it was safe we could go look for them.

I think the best part of the day was when Colton said hey Shannon do you wanna laugh? Someone had found the movie Cars. Its amazing to me how kids now days can run a remote better then I can. We watched the movie and he was right we all laughed.

Thank God for 8 year old boys.

Colton awoke when the fire alarms went off and he ran to the neighbors and they called the fire department. No matter what day it is the tragedy that a fire causes is always horrible. I have changed all the batteries in my fire alarms and want to remind everyone else to do the same. I am grateful for many things this year especially that Colton and his mom are safe, for the Red Cross and all the other people that helped in this tragedy. Please check your batteries in your fire alarms they do save lives!

Shannon Kendrick


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