'Family activity' leaves reader wondering about ethics

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There seems to exist deserving criticism of Alaska politics along with many Alaskans' unquenching thirst to kill something.

Now it appears that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is emulating the recreational trapping of wild critters for fun and profit by "mentoring youth" and making trapping critters a "family activity."

How morally and ethically uplifting! Sure wouldn't want those critters to suffer later on in life by living out their existence, now would we?

I'm getting up there in years myself, maybe my kids or society should put me out of my misery too, huh?

Those who sponsor or institute the violent death and suffering of wild critters are supporting a heartless and inhumane mind-set.

So much for the principle of "live and let live" and Christian ethics.

Paul Vos


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