Reader curious about future guide management

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The report on limited entry for guides (PC11-30-07) was interesting. State parks can limit guides if they choose to.

What really has me curious is the future of management. Once there is limited entry for the guides there could be mandatory closures for the guides well, let's just call them windows for now in order to send pulses of fish to up-river fishermen. There might also be area restrictions where guides could only fish a mile and a half section of the Kenai River, you know, like the drift fleet is allowed to in the corridor.

Once the P.U./dipnet fishery gets totally adjusted, they will want access to kings and cohos so they also can enjoy a meaningful predictable fishery.

One last benefit would be that the guides could go back to the 500 hp jet boats, since there would only be a few of them the pollution/erosion factor would also be limited.

Could I see a show of hands now?

John McCombs


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