Letters get the best of reader

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008

Well another letter stating that because you don't agree with Obama you are a racist and by definition guilty of a hate crime. Here's a news flash for you self-righteous liberals who are all about peace, love and tolerance.

After eight years of your vile hate-filled letters denigrating President Bush, I find you at the height of hypocrisy. There is an old adage, "Sweep you own doorstep first." I suggest you practice it.

The liberal left is slowly replacing the God of my fathers with the new pantheon of the gods of environmentalism, homosexual marriage, mother Earth, anti-drill, anti-fur, anti-gun, late-term abortion, ad infinitum.

To paraphrase the guy who didn't have the courage to confront the folks calling Barack Obama the "N" word, "you are not part of my Alaska or my country."

So in closing, let me be perfectly clear, I neither like nor trust Obama. If you on the left don't like it, then work to pass a new law making illegal the practice of thinking for yourself. Go for it, because "frankly, Scarlett ... ."

Ronald Gravenhorst

Cooper Landing

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