Reader: Frank's out of touch

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008

Frank Murkowski returned a few weeks ago to lecture Alaska and the state chamber of commerce about Exxon, the gas line and cruise ships. The former governor forgets that his back-room deals with Exxon and BP nearly cost the state billions of dollars.

Many legislators have been convicted for bribery and peddling the Murkowski-VECO 20-20 giveaway. His own felonious chief of staff, Jim Clark, pleaded guilty to receiving $60,000 in VECO money.

But Frank still knows best about Point Thomson leases, the gas line and cruise ship discharges. Foreign cruise ships have another 18 months to reduce their gray-water discharges containing metals and ammonia, so as not to affect our pristine fish and marine habitat. Yet Murkowski says to toss those clean water discharge laws before the cruise ships even attempt to comply.

There is no scientific basis to scuttle protections for Alaska fish and water, but it does fit Frank's new role as a failed and detached former governor. Why anyone listens to him, much less invites him to speak, is beyond me.

Chip Thoma


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