Thursday, December 13, 2001

Solvent-like chemical detected in city's waste plant
JUNEAU (AP) -- State Department of Environmental Conservation officials are investigating the source of an unknown chemical that made its way into a city waste treatment plant.

FBI investigation into hate crime leads to bank fraud arrest
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A Syrian-born businessman who received thousands of dollars in support after someone spray-painted ''We hate Arabs'' and broke equipment at his business days after the terrorist attacks was arrested Tuesday on bank fraud charges.

State, feds reach agreement on cleanup of Adak
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A plan for how the U.S. Navy will find and clean up unexploded ordnance on Adak Island has been signed by state and federal officials.

FAA administrator attends memorial for workers killed in October crash
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Federal Aviation Administrator Jane Garvey traveled to Anchorage Thursday for a memorial service to honor two FAA workers killed in the line of duty.

Sheffield is the busiest host on the political fund-raising scene
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Former Gov. Bill Sheffield loves a party, but he wants his guests to bring their checkbooks.

Jury finds big game guide innocent of violations
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- It took a jury just eight minutes to find big-game guide James ''Jake'' Jacobson innocent of hunting and guiding violations.

Alaska Rep. Don Young unhappy with how bill was handled
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Alaska's Rep. Don Young and several House Transportation Committee members are criticizing a spending bill approved last week.

Moderate quake jolts Sand Point
PALMER (AP) -- A moderate earthquake jolted Sand Point on Thursday.

New missile defense test sites likely included in Pentagon budget
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- New missile defense testing sites in Alaska appear to be on track for inclusion in the Defense Department's annual spending bill.

Soldotna man dies in Cordova avalanche
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The body of a Soldotna man was found early Thursday after an avalanche in Cordova.

UAF gets $1.9 million grant for village-based students
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The University of Alaska Fairbanks has received a $1.9 million grant to teach science, math, engineering and technology courses to rural students.

Tourism group proposes marketing blitz
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Alaska Travel Industry Association has come up with a plan to combat an expected drop in tourism with an aggressive marketing campaign featuring television, print advertising and direct mail.

Borough mayor seeks $200,000 for tourism bureau
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Fairbanks Borough Mayor Rhonda Boyles is asking the assembly to give $200,000 to the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau to market Fairbanks as a tourist destination.

Unocal, Marathon propose natural gas line for Kenai Peninsula
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Unocal and Marathon oil companies say they plan to begin soon to apply for a permits to build a natural gas pipeline to bring gas to the lower Kenai Peninsula.

Feds open upper Kenai River to subsistence fishing
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Subsistence fishing for salmon and other fish will soon be legal on the upper Kenai River and other federal waters on the Kenai Peninsula, and salmon dipnetters will share the Copper River with fish wheels.

Gas pipeline price tag now must include security concerns
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Gas companies studying a proposed natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to the Lower 48 say the line could cost more than their initial estimates, in part because of security concerns after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Phillips Petroleum to reduce Alaska spending
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Phillips Petroleum Co. said it plans to spend $807 million in capital projects for its Alaska oil business next year, down $18 million from this year's budget.

Lack of hot water could create hatchery dilemma for state
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska anglers better not want to catch any more fish in the next year or two, because the state can't grow them.

FBI investigation into hate crime leads to bank fraud arrest
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A Syrian-born businessman who received thousands of dollars in support after someone spray-painted ''We hate Arabs'' and broke equipment at his business days after the terrorist attacks was arrested Tuesday on bank fraud charges.

Winter paddlers find Kenai River peaceful and serene
COOPER LANDING (AP) -- From the parking lot just off the Sterling Highway near the Kenai River bridge, the path to the water on a cold November day is more luge run than boat ramp, but Jack Mosby is not about to let that stand in his way.

Senators object to NextWave deal benefitting Native wireless venture
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Two U.S. senators are raising objections to a proposed deal that would let three Alaska Native corporations keep control of wireless telephone radio frequencies purchased in January.

Knowles wants more money for oil and gas oversight
JUNEAU (AP) -- Gov. Tony Knowles wants $4.8 million more to strengthen oversight of Alaska's aging oil facilities and streamline new oil and gas exploration.

Bush flying service to give pilots Alaska Native culture course
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska's pilot shortage has resulted in local airlines recruiting from foreign countries to find qualified employees to fly Bush routes.

Fish and Game predicts better sockeye run in 2002
KENAI (AP) -- The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is predicting a better sockeye run in 2002.

Park service plans $22 million visitors center for Denali
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Denali National Park and Preserve officials hope to build something the park has never had before, an information center to welcome park visitors.

Two men arrested for murder of Anchorage woman
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Two men have been charged with murdering a woman who disappeared the same day she received a large check from a Native corporation.

Nikiski department trains for wet rescues
KENAI (AP) -- It's about 10 below zero on a sunny Nikiski lake. While few people would even consider ice fishing on it at that temperature, members of the Nikiski Fire Department went swimming in it.

Athabaskans may get compensation for medical experiments
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Gilbert Stephens remembers the ''beep, beep, beep'' of the machine that monitored the radioactive iodine as it coursed through his bloodstream.

Doyon declares $3.49 a share dividend
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Doyon Ltd., the Interior Native corporation, has declared a dividend of $3.49 a share.

Yankees ready to welcome Giambi into fold, Red Sox unload Everett
BOSTON -- While the New York Yankees prepared to welcome Jason Giambi and reached a preliminary deal to add outfielder Rondell White, their biggest rival got rid of its biggest problem.

Players, owners can't reach contraction consensus
BOSTON -- Players and owners failed Tuesday to finalize an agreement that would delay eliminating teams until at least 2003, and the meetings were scheduled to resume after an overnight break.

Skyrocket: Baseball's average salary up 18 percent to $2.14 million
BOSTON (AP) -- Baseball's average salary broke the $2 million barrier for the first time this season, and the New York Yankees led the major leagues with an average of nearly $4 million.

Little League adopts stricter guidelines
SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AP) -- Teams in next year's Little League World Series will have to carry more detailed documentation of the eligibility of their players, including proof of age and residency.

Big trade heats up winter meetings
BOSTON -- A big, old-fashioned blockbuster brought baseball's winter meetings to life Tuesday, with the New York Mets acquiring second baseman Roberto Alomar from Cleveland in an eight-player trade.

Native wireless venture questioned in Congress
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Two U.S. senators are raising objections to a proposed deal that would let three Alaska Native corporations keep control of wireless telephone radio frequencies purchased in January.

Alaska continues to post gradual economic growth
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- While the Lower 48 has sunk into a recession, the Alaska economy continues to grow, albeit at a slow pace.

Pair invents watering system for holiday trees
CURTIN, Ore. -- No one can accuse Nick Lusk of ignoring his wife. As soon as she asked him to take down the Christmas tree on May 16, he did so without argument.

New Center is being organized for mediation and community dialogue
The Center for Mediation and Community Dialogue (CMCD) is a newly formed non-profit organization based on the Kenai Peninsula. According to Heidi Chay, one of the founders of the new group, many people from Kenai, Soldotna, and Homer have been working on the new project during the past year, "The idea is to create safe forums, lots of learning opportunities, and skills for resolving conflict constructively and expressing differences constructively," said Chay.

Outdoors... Great Alaska Shootout, Karluk River Style...
I begin with Day six of our fourteen-day Karluk River hunting trip on Kodiak Island. We spent the first part of the day finishing skinning my bear and getting the hide and skull back to camp. The heavy snow, wind, and darkness chased us back to camp before we were done the night before. Bringing our saws with us the next morning, we were able to cut out the brush surrounding the bear making our job much easier.

Economic Development District holds open house and selects new executive director
The Economic Development District of the Kenai Peninsula held it's second annual open house last week. During the well attended event, Randy Daly, President of the EDD Board of Directors took the occasion to announce the Board's selection of Jim Carter, former finance manager, to become the person to take over as executive director when Betsy Arbelovsky leaves.

The Tradition of Holiday Window Art Continues
With the help of Mother Nature's frosty crystal decorations outside, and the wonderland window art of Bunny Swan-Gease inside, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the Kenai Peninsula.

American kids are getting fatter at an alarming rate, study says
CHICAGO -- American children are getting fatter at an alarming rate, with the percentage of significantly overweight black and Hispanic youngsters more than doubling over 12 years and climbing 50 percent among whites, a study shows.

Study suggests teens heed parental advice to not smoke
CHICAGO (AP) -- Defying the stereotype of the defiant teen-ager, new research suggests teens are much less likely to smoke if they think their parents disapprove of the habit.

Wild hogs make better target than Bambi
VICTORIA, Texas -- I don't want to shoot Bambi. In the first place, Bambi isn't big enough. And Faline, his girlfriend, isn't legal to shoot in the county where I hunt. So instead, I have opted to go after a four-legged nuisance that plagues many ranchers.

Art Briefs
Photo seminar planned SaturdayRehearsals for Requiem to start in JanuaryNew Year's Eve plans sought

What's Happening
Best BetsEvents and ExhibitsEntertainmentUpcoming EventsFilmsDown the RoadAnchorage Events

Alan Jackson helps country rediscover its relevance with song
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- At last month's Country Music Associa-tion Awards, Alan Jackson sang a new song about the ordinary man's reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Photographers capture dazzling skies
Bursting with dazzling photographs and descriptive text, the beauty and mystery of the aurora are expertly captured between the covers of "Northern Lights -- the Science, Myth and Wonder of Aurora Borealis."

Arts help us to remember Sept. 11 -- and to forget
NEW YORK -- The poems are taped to church gates just outside ground zero. They are calling out to remind us, like a pleading chorus. ''We must remember/so we can change'' reads one couplet, typed out on plain white paper.

Hospice sing-a-grams bring cheer to businesses for holidays
Hospice of the Central Peninsula is delivering holiday cheer for a good cause, complete with jingle bells, sign language and even a barbershop quartet.

'Behind Enemy Lines' rides wave of wartime patriotism
''Behind Enemy Lines'' repeatedly surprises with how good it is -- only to fall apart in maudlin excess during the final minutes. Is this an unforgivable sin? Not really.

Racing's off-season rejuvenates drivers
ATLANTA -- The last thing Kevin Harvick wants to do during his time away from the busy racing season is take a vacation.

Dodge raises the bar
ATLANTA -- Now that questions about getting up to speed on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series are answered, Dodge now has a different question for 2002: Can it win a championship?

Al-Qaida gets new ultimatum
TORA BORA, Afghanistan -- Joined by U.S. special forces on their front lines in the eastern mountains, Afghan tribal commanders set a new deadline Wednesday for trapped al-Qaida fighters to surrender -- and said they must hand over their leaders as well.

Surrender ultimatum ignored
TORA BORA, Afghanistan -- A U.S. B-52 aircraft bombed the Tora Bora area on Wednesday after cornered al-Qaida forces ignored a surrender deadline set by the opposing tribal eastern alliance.

Permit buy-back proposal scrapped
A couple dozen commercial fishers gathered Monday night to discuss options for improving the Cook Inlet salmon fishery.

Early freeze-up expected to take toll on salmon harvests
The cold snap may have ended, but its effects may ding the fishing season years down the road.

Blaze claims Kenai home
A fire burned unnoticed for several hours in a multi-level Kenai home Wednesday morning after the residents left for the day. The home was destroyed, but there were no injuries in the blaze.

Sockeye forecast cautiously optimistic
Expect a few more sockeye to run in 2002 than in previous years. But just a few. After a lull in red salmon harvesting over the past two years, Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials say the numbers for next spring are looking up.

Moore returns as executive director of peninsula food bank
The Kenai Peninsula Food Bank is going back to the tried and true. Peggy Moore, a longtime board member and one-time executive director of the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, has returned to the organization's top position.

William Abe Zimmerman Jr.
Kenai resident William Abe Zimmerman Jr. died Saturday, Dec. 8, 2001, at his father's home in Kenai. He was 39.

Wynona Diane Brown-Nichols
Former Soldotna resident Wynona Diane Brown-Nichols died Friday, Dec. 7, 2001, at her home in Anchorage.

Art guild appreciates support for annual holiday arts-crafts fair

Letters to the Editor
'Star Wars' concept fatally flawed; public should not be silent on issue

Letters to the Editor
Harry Potter books, movie teach wonderful lessons for lifePeninsula doesn't need hog farm

Borough voters should decide issue of school board districts
A committee appointed by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly is presently finishing up its review of whether voters should decide on Oct. 1 to change the composition of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District from an at-large basis (all vote for all members) to a district basis (each member elected by voters in that person's neighborhood).

Survey: Most Americans have more positive view of Muslims since Sept. 11
On Sept. 11, 19 foreigners from Middle Eastern countries, acting in the name of Islam, boarded U.S. airliners, hijacked them and proceeded with plans that killed thousands of people. So in the last three months, Americans have shown a new distrust and dislike of Muslims. Right? Well, no. A new survey makes it clear that whatever else the public has done in response to the terrorist attacks, it has not blamed them on all Muslims.

Many contribute to success of Voice of Democracy program

Economic stimulus package not needed
Every day that the stimulus package now stalled in Congress doesn't pass makes it less urgent that it ever pass.

Slow economy fuels partisanship
WASHINGTON -- Legislation to stimulate the economy is stimulating an outbreak of political combat instead, the White House and Republicans on one side, Democrats on the other in a clash over recession-related issues likely to play out next year in mid-term elections.

Bemidji company finds niche with quick, tasty trail food
BEMIDJI, Minn. (AP) -- Entrepreneurial inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places. Bob and Billie Edwards found it one day deep in the woods, on a paddling trip celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

Winter paddlers find Kenai River peaceful and serene
COOPER LANDING (AP) -- From the parking lot just off the Sterling Highway near the Kenai River bridge, the path to the water on a cold November day is more luge run than boat ramp, but Jack Mosby is not about to let that stand in his way.

Lack of hot water could create hatchery dilemma for state
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska anglers better not want to catch any more fish in the next year or two, because the state can't grow them.

Pet of the Week, Soldotna
The Soldotna Animal Shelter is featuring a trio of 3-month-old male kittens this week. Each cat is $47 with neuter surgery and vaccines included. Visit the shelter on Kobuk Street or call 262-3969 for more information.

Around the Peninsula
Reforestation activities to be reviewedKenai Self-Help Group meets at noonChenault to speak at chamber lunchSanta to visit Soldotna mallHealthy Communities-Healthy People to meetBlood bank open todayRC&D meeting coming upSled dog association meeting to be heldFederal program workshop plannedCommunity play and potluck coming upSport fish plan open for commentFood bank seeking holiday food donationsClothing available to those in need

Around the Peninsula
CARTS advisory meeting slatedRed Cross class offered tonightSanta Claus visits plannedHealthy Communities meeting ThursdaySled dog association meeting to be heldCommunity play and potluck coming upSport fish plan open for comment

Honor Rolls
The following students were named to the Homer Middle School and Kenai Middle School first-quarter honor roll.

Federal appeals court declares Louisiana school prayer law unconstitutional
NEW ORLEANS -- A federal appeals court Tuesday declared unconstitutional Louisiana's school prayer law, which evolved from allowing a moment of silent meditation in 1976 to permitting spoken prayer in public classrooms.

Orientation is best way for new students to start
Spring semester is just around the corner with the first day of classes beginning Jan. 7. Kenai Peninsula College encourages anyone planning to attend college for the first time to come to the new student orientation. Sessions are planned for 9 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. Jan. 2. To reserve a space, call Student Services at 262-0330.

Schools take part in giving
'Tis better to give than to receive, the adage goes, and charitable deeds are a major theme of the Christmas season.

District School News
News from schools around the district

Finding pieces of the puzzle is part of the journey
Recently, some friends and I ventured to the outskirts of Kenai to watch our brutal hockey team outscore our friendly local rivals. We found comfortable seats far enough from the hollering of fans, yet close enough to the glass for viewing the vicious action.

Around the District
Holiday break approachesAfter the Bell expands to NikiskiScholastic, first lady promote reading ventureASTF seeks teacher proposalsNinilchik announces Students of the MonthTolerance Commission touches on schools issues

House-Senate committee OKs sweeping education bill
WASHINGTON -- A sweeping $26.5 billion education bill that would require schools to test millions of students annually in reading and math was approved by a bipartisan House-Senate committee Tuesday.

School Menus
White or chocolate milk is served at each meal.

ASAA state championships kick off at Kenai Central
The Alaska School Activities Association State Fall Wrestling Championship kicks off today with matches starting at 10:30 a.m. at Kenai Central High School, and with 24 wrestlers qualified for the competition, the Skyview Panthers appear to be poised to repeat their title performance.

Hurricanes blow past Panthers
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Bates Battaglia had two goals and an assist to lead the Carolina Hurricanes past the Florida Panthers 4-1 on Wednesday night.

Nuggets coach suspended four games for remarks to fan
DENVER -- Denver Nuggets coach Dan Issel was suspended for four games by the team Wednesday for shouting a profanity and insensitive ethnic remark at a fan.

Sports Briefs
Former NBA player, coach Larry Costello dies at 70Denver QB Griese could miss Kansas City game

No. 3 Maryland cruises
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Byron Mouton scored 17 points and sparked a 13-0 run at the start of the second half that carried No. 3 Maryland to its eighth straight victory, 91-55 over Monmouth on Tuesday night.

Local Sports Briefs
State wrestling championship set to go at KCHSCIA Classic tips off ThursdayAlumni hoops tournament recruiting playersIcehawks draw, lose to FAHA squad

Teen goalie stands tall on two prosthetic legs
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Corey Marko loves attention but still doesn't understand why people make a big deal out of his prosthetic legs.

Crouch, Grossman top All-America team
Quarterbacks Eric Crouch and Rex Grossman added a new twist to the AP All-America team -- the Heisman Trophy winner and runner-up are both on it.

Wizards take fourth straight
WASHINGTON -- Michael Jordan had 25 points, seven assists and six rebounds Wednesday night as the Washington Wizards held off a late rally to win their fourth straight, 82-80 over the Miami Heat.

Senators draw with Isles
UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Marian Hossa's power-play goal with 3:24 left in regulation lifted the Ottawa Senators into a 2-2 tie Tuesday night against the New York Islanders and former teammate Alexei Yashin.

Jordan's magic sparks Wizards to victory over Grizzlies
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Michael Jordan scored 16 points and had nine assists early, and Richard Hamilton scored a season-high 30 points as the Washington Wizards beat the Memphis Grizzlies 91-81 Tuesday night for their third straight victory.

Photo feature: Taking a breather
A yearling moose rests in the fresh snow among dense trees near Kenai Tuesday afternoon. Forecasters are calling for more snow today before a return to deep freeze conditions later in the week.

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