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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2001

'Star Wars' concept fatally flawed; public should not be silent on issue

California residents some few years back used to refer to their governor as Ronnie Ray-gun. If you were there, you'd know. To the consternation of many, he was later to be known as our president. Among the many divergent facets of his legacy was the "Star Wars" initiative.

As has been reported in the news and argued in our legislative bodies, a renewed push for a "Star Wars" anti-missile system has been an integral part of the current administration.

To date, by any stretch of the imagination, through countless tests that have cost this country billions of dollars of what used to be a surplus, it has been proven that this bullet striking a bullet concept is fatally flawed. Yet we persevere.

The most recent test, which was put off numerous times due to inclement weather, has been heralded by the administration in the press as being a resounding success. We all know there wouldn't be a chance of a threat to our security if the weather wasn't just right.

But, if you look a little deeper, you will find that the head of the Pentagon's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish, said last week the test was designed to test only certain parts of the interceptor system and was not meant to be "realistic."

It's abundantly clear that none of the tests have been realistic in terms of showing the kind of effective defense capabilities that have been purported. In fact, most of the previous test results were misrepresented in initial press releases, only to be retracted weeks and months following the good news about how we will all live under the magic umbrella of safety.

Doesn't massive radiation still circle the globe from above ground detonations?

What has been demonstrated, is the lack of serious concern by the citizens of this country that we are on the verge of allowing one man to

negate the ABM treaty and probably void the START treaty as well. None of our allies or, for that matter, any other government in the world is at all supportive of these developments.

Our government was designed with checks and balances to ensure responsible stewardship of the public trust. Our continuing silence will ensure that that public trust will be further eroded.

Paul Zimmerman


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