Albertson was a true friend; she'll be missed

Posted: Monday, December 13, 2004

I lost a friend Nov. 23 and her name is Wendy Albertson. In a way I didn't know her well and in other ways I knew her real well. I knew her character and it contained integrity, and that's all I needed to know. I knew I could trust her, and she knew she could trust me.

The times Wendy would call me in the middle of the night when she needed a hand, my hand was extended no questions asked. We rarely talked, and didn't keep in close contact. We each had closer friends that needed more support.

Wendy's character showed through big time to me in the spring of 2003. She was in Homer when she heard that I was having heartache and that I was upset. Wendy didn't wait till she got home, she called me right then to check on me, and she was crying on the phone, so upset was she at the thought of my heartache. I spent our time on the phone calming her and reassuring her that everything was OK, but I was so touched that she cared -- it brings tears to my eyes just writing this.

Later when I ran into her, I tried to express how much that call meant to me at the time and she responded with, "Jeff that's what friends do." Thank you, Wendy, for being my friend. I will miss you, and I feel I am blessed for knowing you so well.

Jeff Webster


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