DA's office uses grand jury tactic to charge innocent people

Posted: Monday, December 13, 2004

Your writer apparently did not see the disingenuous nature of June Stein's response to the issues of the "rest of the story" being told to the grand jurors.

Ms. Stein indicated that none of the defense attorneys have complained. If she was doing this "off-the-record," with grand jury members, how would we know? Our client's are not there. We (defense attorneys) are not there and we are forbidden from interviewing members of the grand juries.

Want to know why indictments and criminal cases are up in Kenai and no-where else? Do you want to know about people in our community that have spent tens of thousands of dollars defending themselves from wrongfully filed criminal charges? Do you suppose that the DA's losses at trial are somewhat related? I do. They are related to the lack of an independent grand jury system. When the real truth comes out at trial, the DA's office ought to be publically rebuked by the jurors forced to hear the case.

Mark Osterman


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