Protests are against administration, not soldiers

Posted: Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I must respond to Carol L. Keller’s letter of Nov. 18. She calls those of us who oppose the war in Iraq “unpatriotic and anti-American.” I oppose the war, yet I consider myself to be a patriot.

I love my country enough to speak out when my government acts in ways that damage America’s standing in the world.

The America I believe in does not engage in pre-emptive warfare, nor does it discuss using unilateral nuclear strikes against its enemies.

It does not rush in to wars based on fabricated intelligence.

It does not kidnap terror suspects, detain them indefinitely and deny them the vital American right of due process.

It absolutely does not use nor condone torture and inhumane treatment of these possibly innocent detained individuals.

It does not operate secret prisons around the world where terror suspects are kept in isolation and tortured, sometimes to death.

I wish the America I believe in existed at this time. Instead, the policies of our current government stimulate hatred of America and hatred of our soldiers.

Locally and nationally, many other patriotic people, including members of the military, feel the same way I do. We do not oppose the American soldiers who have been put in this impossible situation; we oppose the administration that put them there.

Mary Jo Spotts


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