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Christmas by Candlelight

Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas candles passive glow

red and green they're made for show.

See them burn with feeble top

listen too, those things will talk.

They love to tell of yester-Yules

as their ancient Spirit pulls.

They bring back Dad, I see him plain

smiling wide inside their flame.

I smile back, he sure looks swell

Wax impression? I can't tell.

Sniffling, I savor it

and watch the candle's favorite:

Lonely couple on a road,

youngish girl with a load.

Distended belly and it hurts

pain is sharp and comes in spurts.

The man is scared, can't escape it

he asks again, "Can you make it?"

She smiles back, "Yes I can!"

They top a hill, there's Bethlehem.

Mary's brave, but looks weaker.

Just one inn and there's the keeper.

They're all full, but in this plight

yonder stable looks alright.

Joseph takes and fluffs fresh hay

Mary sits and begins to pray.

Heaven answers, baby born

wrapped in cloth to keep him warm.

Slumber falls upon the scene

baby Jesus sleeps serene.

Then shepherds come in talking low

of angels met just hours ago.

I lean in and strain my ears

some new noise quite interferes.

I bolt up to find the cause

in the door walks Santa Claus!

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