Jury finds big game guide innocent of violations

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2001

ANCHORAGE (AP) -- It took a jury just eight minutes to find big-game guide James ''Jake'' Jacobson innocent of hunting and guiding violations.

Jacobson, of Kodiak, had been accused of instructing an Arizona man to shoot two caribou when the client was limited to one and of trying to bait wolves during an August 1999 hunt.

The trial took place in early December in Kotzebue District Court.

Jacobson did not deny that his client shot the animal on his instructions and his assistant guide tagged it. The state said that was illegal.

Jacobson gave the meat and skin to an elderly widow in Kotzebue, an old friend who had asked for them before the hunt.

Jacobson's lawyer, Wayne Anthony Ross, said the people of Kotzebue have a tradition of sharing, adding that Jacobson's deed ''was in the true traditions of the area.''

Ross said the charge of trying to bait wolves was baseless. One of the hunters placed caribou meat that he thought had gone bad on a trash heap near Jacobson's camp.

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