States honor Capt. Tiffner

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Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007

While many in America do not take a moment to notice a family in pain, others go beyond to show that they are there for the families and that they will never be forgotten.

Patriotic Americans from across the nation decided to come together and honor one soldier who has family and friends split in multiple different states across the nation.

These patriotic individuals are part of a proud organization, yet decided to shed the name of the organization for a little while to begin a simple idea for a hero. They began to call, e-mail and write their state representatives and ask them to lower their state's flag.

The idea came as a tribute, since one state organization was contacting anyone who could get word to them concerning interment or just information in general. With that, another state government was contacted and another, all to honor a soldier.

The idea was simple; which it would be all the states the soldier belonged too, to lower their state flags on the day the soldier was to be interred, and the flags flown over their capitals to be given to the family afterward.

Many states around the nation do this as an honor for the family and the fallen soldier or Marine, but not on a multistate basis. Why not have more states involved since there are so many soldiers and Marines who call multiple states their home and this is a simple yet patriotic way to give honor to that fallen hero?

Alaska, Kentucky and West Virginia are the beginning of the multistate honoring. Capt. Benjamin D. Tiffner was the first recognized in such a way on Dec. 4, the day that he was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

All three states flew their state flags at half staff will send the flags flown over their capital's to Capt. Tiffner's parents to their home in Soldotna in his honor.

Bill Lowe


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