Writer finds swimming against the tide a source of pride

Posted: Monday, December 15, 2008

I go to a school with 424 kids, each of us having our own thoughts, each of us living, exactly the same. I don't pretend to be smart, because I know nothing. I only observe.

In every dream that I wake up to, I wonder if I am the only one still asleep. I wonder if I am the only one daring to cause a stir. Every day is viewed with eyes half open and minds closed. We go about our routines, smiling to another smile and communicating through stale conversations. We feel what we believe we feel and we only know what we believe we know.

One year I was on the Drama Debate and Forensics team and I never won a single thing. I get distracted with minute details of a particular and forget the beginning of a sentence by the end of it. But It was in that extracurricular that I succeeded; I never won by the judges standards, and I forever lacked points in clarity and material. However, I learned everything about psychology. The mind's tendencies, or how voice tone affects a rebuttal, was what I had taken from the experience.

I've learned through the course of discourse, that I'd probably learn more from synchronized swimming than studying text format.

I've spent the last couple summers in Homer, working, living and talking. Sometimes I showered. I lived off a stash of peanut butter and dried mango collected at the foot of my foam pad and sleeping bag. I struggled through Sudokus and occasionally washed my fish-drenched clothes in my spare time. I drank a lot of coffee and initiated a lot of conversations with those I saw every day.

I lived in a cabin the size of a bathroom stall, and was the happiest I've ever been. It was in that environment that I lost emotional attachment to all the matter in my room, and sought happiness from genuine things in life. Although I say this, people who know me may doubt it.

As a person, I appear normal, but what a lot of people may not know is the pH content of my thoughts. As a freshman and sophomore, I was happy. But as a junior and senior, my acidity has taken a dive. It is in a tired little town full of classrooms teeming with apathy that I live now. Kids don't care anymore, generation X is a failure already, and it's scary to be a part of.

I feel forever bogged down in negative temperatures and temperaments. Oftentimes in class, the entire tone is set by one naysayer. I guess that's all it takes. Wiki-Snobs will soon reign supreme, bold-lettered Abercrombie shirts will always be the gold star of social status and minorities will continue to wait. In a decade where movies are quoted more often than books, I shall continue to swim against the tide; for this was "Written with a pen of iron, and with the point of a diamond." Jeremiah, 22. 1.

This article is the opinion of Sophia Taeschner. Taeschner is a senior at Skyview High School.

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