Obama deserves our support

Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A writer in your Dec. 10 issue states: "I find it a little obscene that with the tough economic times the nation faces that President-Elect Obama has the gall to spend $30,000 on a ring for his wife and that he is enrolling his children in the most expensive private school in Washington, D.C."

What Mr. Obama chooses to do with his own money is his business. If he chooses to buy an expensive gift for his wife rather than (for instance) a trip to Las Vegas, why should anyone criticize him for this decision?

While his decision to place his daughters in a private school in Washington isn't a ringing endorsement of the public school system there, it's his decision, and I don't believe it is deserving of criticism by a person not familiar with all the facts.

Obviously, there are security considerations. And I believe the last presidential child to attend a public school in Washington was Amy Carter, and as nearly as I can recall, there were problems with that decision.

The writer doesn't criticize the very expensive wardrobe worn by Presidential candidate John McCain's wife; I won't, either, as I believe that family has a right to spend its money as it chooses.

But if anyone in our country deserves criticism, how abut the big corporate CEOs who have received truly obscene bonuses and "Golden Parachutes" after having made decisions resulting in huge losses for their corporations? It seems to me that the writer of the letter I cite above can't see the forest for the trees.

Folks, whether you voted for him or not, whether you like him or not, Barack Obama was elected to be the next president of our country, fair and square. He takes office at a time of the greatest financial crisis our country has faced since Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1932.

I don't envy him the job; he faces huge challenges, and whether or not I may agree with each and every decision he makes, I support him, and I believe all fair-minded Americans should. Enough said.

Jerry Brookman


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