Small schools the best schools

Posted: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best schools ever in the U.S. were the thousands of small rural ones throughout the country. I would rate an eighth-grade graduate's knowledge better that the average high school grad of today. In the 30's and 40's when I attended school, they didn't place a black box in our hands and tell us everything you need to know is in here, we had to store it in our heads. We had qualified teachers who did not have to conform to the students dress code, morals, or any thing of the modern world. Our men teachers always wore suits and ties and the ladies wore hose and dresses or skirts.

The idea of closing the small schools in the borough raises a couple questions. To close the Cooper Landing school requires purchasing a bus to transport them and endanger them for abut four months of the year with ice and snow. I experienced this in Northern Iowa, first on and last off of the bus after a 30-mile ride each way. The high school boys were the snow snovel operators if the bus got stuck. It is sad, but I believe that the young people have been let down by the education departments of today -- too interested in unions and money than teaching.

Paul D. Morrison


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