All learning is challenging

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2007

In response to Dec. 9 editorial, "Far-reaching Inspiration Found Close to Home," I commend the Challenger Learning Center for awakening people's interest in science, math and computers. Another way to spur our youth to advanced degrees is to consider how these subjects are being portrayed.

Our nation has developed a mentality that math and science are hard. When students encounter challenging material, they are comforted by "Science just isn't your thing" or "Math is really confusing."

The feedback that our youth receive shapes their perception, including how they view themselves. Using the excuse that math and science are too difficult for excellence, only pushes children into a self-fulfilling prophesy where these subjects won't be accomplished. From then on, their minds will surely associate math and science classes with frustration and failure. Every miscalculation is subconsciously magnified in comparison to other subjects, because the student believes he/she has never been capable in areas of math or science.

All areas of study involve thought, dedication, practice and mistakes.

Tashina Wortham


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