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Posted: Wednesday, December 18, 2002

The following students were named December Students of the Month at Nikiski Middle-Senior High School:

JR Cox, triscience; Debbie Duggin, world history; Kristen Frederic, art; Dawson Hermanns, college prep-British literature; Darion Johnson, welding; Echo Martini, algebra; Lia Nelson, language arts; Jackie Palm, physical education; Cora Porter, band; Tiffany Quesnel, biology; Kristiena Sanders, aide; Sasha Akaran, world history; Heather Gunn, mathematics; Dasian Langendorfer, mathematics; Mike Leavitt, physical education; Chris Mapes, bravery and most improved language arts; Haley Ping, mathematics; Keyna Quinn, challenge core-language arts-math; Tasha Thompson, language arts; and Abby Womack, science.

The following students were named November Students of the Month at Seweard High School:

Chad Atkinson-Adams, son of David and Ruth Adams, academic; Chance Humphrey, son of Al and Pam Humphrey, achievement; Lara Loomis, daughter of Byron and Vicki Loomis, appreciation; and Nicholas Thayse, son of Chris Thayse, attitude. Skye White, front office secretary, was named Employee of the Month.

The following students were named December Citizens of the Month at Ninilchik School:

Jessica Rogers, first grade; Lillian Lee, second grade; Merissa Osmar and Robert Self, third grade; Hunter Cooper, fourth grade; Stephanie Fahey, fifth grade; Zach Tindal, sixth grade; Gwen Garrison, seventh grade; Don Caulkins, eighth grade; Courtney Schmable, ninth grade; Maureen McCombs, 10th grade; Katie Moerlein, 11th grade; and Whitney Leman, Kasey Panhuise, Maria Johnson and Amy Klapak, 12th grade.

The following students were named December Students of the Month at Ninilchik School:

Kat Hall, language arts 10; Amanda Matson, language arts 11; Jason Schollenberg, photography; Alex Scalzo, fiction; Ashley Bartolowtis, English 7; Noah McWilliams, English 8; Lauren Wolford, English 9; Kelsey Rohr, keyboarding; Amy Klapak, guidance; Kendra Moerlein and Katie Rea, RAP; Steven Miller, physics; A.J. Berger, FST; Jennifer Bartlowits, algebra I; Maureen McCombs, geometery; Lauren Wolford, computer applications; Ian McArdle, science 7; Kelsey Rohr, science 8; Jennifer Erick-son, math 8; Alicia Oskolkoff, science 9; Mindy Dawson, biology; Jason Schollenbert and John Paul Russo, anatomy; Vincent Kruzick and Amanda Peterson, strength training; Victoria Florey, government; Andy Tindal, social studies 8; Janine Hostetter, U.S. history; Kit Hall, world history; Alicia Oskolkoff, literature block; Tera Schnabl and Jackie Waldron, math 7; Arlo Boyle, choir; Katilyn Nolan, junior high band; and Alex Scalzo, Donna Hnderson, Nagela Singh and Alex Scalzo, high school band.

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