Lost in thought: Writer ponders just about everything


Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I find it hard sometimes to comprehend the simplistic mannerisms of my fellow peers.

My friends for hobbies pursue interests of sports, art and writing among other activities.

I on the other hand, spend the majority of my time thinking: it happens to be my hobby. It's the one thing I've always been good at and enjoy doing. As a person without television, since my mom threw away our television back when I was in the fifth grade because my siblings and I kept spouting off too many TV quotes, it's easier to find time to engage myself with other activities.

So thinking is what I fill my free time with. Pondering, in my opinion, has changed my outlook on life. Being able to wonder about the many philosophies of life helps subjugate thoughts that can evoke hidden insanity back in the recesses of my cranium.

My brain ambles among a plethora of questions ranging from "What's for dinner?" to "If you held your eyelids open when you sneeze, would your eyes pop out of the sockets?"

Questions are not the only things that run through my noodle. I process information from the day and store it so it can be used for hilarious anecdotes later on. Like when my one of my friends slips and bashes their head against their locker, I can throw my head back later and laugh about such an classical element of physical comedy.

I really enjoy thinking all the time, it does have its disadvantages as sometimes I can get so immersed in thought that I don't realize what's happening in my surroundings. That's just a calamity waiting to happen.

This especially happens in class, my mind wanders and then suddenly a certain history teacher of mine thinks I'm falling asleep and whacks my desk at light speed with a stick leaving wooden splinters everywhere.

Thinking is an economically viable option since it doesn't cost any money. I can do it anywhere, and if you're a secretive person what hobby is more secret than the thought process?

It's logical (most of the time), cost efficient (as a teen without a job, something I can afford a lot of), and makes you smarter. Of course, some people don't like thinking that much. I think that's why television was invented.

A few afternoons a week I do enjoy watching movies, if there is something exceedingly difficult to think about. I only do this to give my brain a bit of a break when its overloaded.

I didn't considered it as a hobby until last year, when I started doing it for fun, instead of for school work or to respond to my parents' requests. No matter what comes across my path, I think about and usually enjoy doing it.

Victor Hugo said, "A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor."

There is a reason my room is a mess I am busy thinking.

This article is opinion of Zack Misner. Misner is a sophomore at Kenai Central High School.

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