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Posted: Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Wrong message being sent to young girls

As a parent of a young girl, I pay close attention to the messages sent to her from both myself and from the society that she will increasingly participate in with each passing day. I hope to build a foundation of security and confidence in my daughter's identity and ability. On the whole, I think we have much work to do.

I am often saddened to see some advertisers' insensitivity and disregard to this matter. I wonder if we will ever turn on the television and see two men discussing the effectiveness of one toilet bowl cleaner over another, or a man absolutely amazed and excited about the mystical qualities of a dust mop..." I don't know why so much dirt sticks to this mop, perhaps it's magic!" It may never happen.

There are some things we could do right here at home, though.

I recently read a local advertisement from a fast-food restaurant telling me to remember the "paperboy" this holiday season. Now my daughter is not old enough to deliver papers, but when she is, I'm certain that she will be able to read the paper, and I would like her to feel as important and deserving of a gift certificate as the other paper deliverers.

And there seems to be no end to those annoying real estate ads: "She will love the big kitchen. ... He will love the big garage."

I assume that if my daughter drives a big car that she will also appreciate a "big garage." We have a responsibility to raise the awareness of these issues, ultimately leaving this world a better place for all our kids -- daughters too.

Bill Worsfold


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