Religion story presents unfair view on Mormons

Posted: Friday, December 19, 2003

In the religion section of your newspaper, you ran a horrible anti-Morman article. The article was not only judging the Latter-day Saints, but you were putting them down and trying to raise up other religions. Almost all of your information was from churches and people who hate the LDS church. So naturaly they lied about a few things. Also whoever wrote this article was taking sides againts the LDS church. It's OK to right your little article but I find its wrong to take sides and to get almost all of your sorces from churches who hate the LDS church. If your going to write an article like this, it would be good to make sure the information is fact, and not say "bishop john says this bad thing againtst another church so he must be right." I know you didn't say he was right, but the way the article was written it sounded like the writer was taking sides. Also what did the LDS church ever do to anyone else, nothing, so why do you get off putting them down.

Try going to one of their meetings they have nothing bad to say about any other church they never have and they never will, go to any other church meeting, not all but but most, and they will talk bad twards the LDS church. All I wanted to say was not to take sides, don't have a tone that makes the LDS church or any other church sound bad. Just write the facts, and get your sorces from both sides.

Robert Jay Doty, Nikiski

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