Posted: Friday, December 20, 2002

NAME -- Lisa Murkowski.

AGE -- 45; May 22, 1957.

EDUCATION -- attended Willamette University, 1975-1977; B.A. economics, Georgetown University, 1980; law degree, Willamette College of Law, 1985.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -- Served as associate at Anchorage law firm Hertog Rhodes, 1985-86; Anchorage District Court Attorney, 1987-89; private practice at Hoge and Lekisch in Anchorage, 1989-96; formed law office of Lisa Murkowski 1997. Served as a director of First Bank from 1990-present.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE -- Elected to the Alaska House, 1998, re-elected 2000, 2002. Chaired House Labor and Commerce Committee, 2000-2002. Elected by caucus as Republican Majority Leader-elect, 2002. Past Commissioner, Post Secondary Education Commissi on, 1999. Commissioner, Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, 1997-1998.

FAMILY -- Husband, Verne Martell; 2 children: Nicholas, Matthew.

QUOTE -- ''I'm happy, excited and frightened to death. I've lived a pretty comfortable life on Government Hill. Now I'm moving from Government Hill to the true government hill.''


Abortion -- Supports legal abortion when mother's life is in danger or in cases of rape or incest. Voted against a bill to limit state funding for abortions.

Taxes -- Sponsored an increase in the state's alchol tax, supports use of the state's Permanent Fund and a statewide tax to close the state's budget gap. Favors an increase in the gasoline tax and corporate taxes.

Campaign finance -- Supports limits on campaign contributions from businesses, individuals and PACS. Opposed to government funding for campaigns.

Gay Marriage -- Opposed to same sex marriages.

State Issues -- For more than 10 years Alaska has defied a federal law requiring that the state ensure rural residents receive preferential access to fish and game for their own consumption over other hunters and fishermen. As a result, the federal government took over management of hunting and fishing for subsistence in two-thirds of the state. Murkowski favors a constitutional amendment granting a rural subsistence priority.

Crime -- Supports alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders and rehabilitation such as vocational training for inmates after their release. Also supports prosecuting minors as adults in certain violent crimes.

Education -- Supports teacher testing and high school exit exams.

Affirmative Action -- Opposed to affirmative action in college admissions but backs Alaska Native hire requirements.

Environment -- Supports opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Gun Control -- Generally anti-gun control. Backs allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Welfare -- Supports the current five-year eligibility for welfare benefits, tax benefits for businesses that hire welfare recipients.

National Federation of Independent Businesses, Alaska gave her a perfect rating in 2000. Voted against Alaska Conservation Voters 60 percent of the time in 2002. Alaska Right to Life did not endorse her in 1998.

Murkowski won the Republican primary for House District 18 by 56 votes over conservative GOP challenger Nancy Dahlstrom. No opponent in the November election. Murkowski was member of bi-partisan Fiscal Policy Caucus that recommended new statewide taxes to balance the state budget in 2002.


Source: Project Vote Smart, Alaska Division of Elections and office of State Rep. Lisa Murkowski.

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