Alaskan history comes alive at Redoubt Elementary

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2005


  Marcus Roberts researched the history of sport fishing in Alaska during the Alaskan museum at Redoubt Elementary

Marcus Roberts researched the history of sport fishing in Alaska during the Alaskan museum at Redoubt Elementary

Alaskan history is now part of 6th grade curriculum in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and Redoubt Elementary teacher Krista Arthur has taken a unique approach, “Three years ago when I came to Redoubt and found out we had to study Alaska history I decided to start an Alaskan museum where students pick a topic such as native or cultural arts, sports in Alaska, recreation in Alaska, historical events such as the earthquake or resource development such as the oil and gas, timber or mining industry to highlight with signboards and displays to show what goes on in Alaska and each year the students bring in examples of things that represent Alaskan history and share their topics with the rest of the student body,” explained Mrs. Arthur, a former K-Beach Elementary school student.

According to Arthur the sixth graders become teachers for the rest of the school to teach them what they have learned about Alaskan history, “The students get to answer the questions about their subjects and the younger ones get to learn from the work that the older ones did on their topics,” said Arthur. Evan Woodrow did his project on trapping in Alaska, “My grandpa use to do some trapping in Alaska, so I brought in some of the animals and traps for my display and it was way more fun than learning about it out of a book,” said Woodrow.

Marcus Roberts made a display about sport fishing, “It brings tourists and money for the state of Alaska and I brought in a mount of a 94 pound king salmon for my display,” said Roberts, whose father is a fishing guide. Kristin Nagel did her research on snow machining in Alaska, “I found that snow machines changed the transportation system in rural Alaska from dog sleds,” said Nagel. Other displays featured dog sledding and the history of the Iditarod race as well as native culture, cross country skiing, commercial fishing, Alaskan wood products and white water rafting.

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