Halibut program fails miserably

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council has dipped to an all-time low. They have proven they no longer honor the public process or make management decisions based on biology. What rules in their forum is politics.

With the removal of the charter boat IFQ program, the council has spit in the face of thousands of Alaskans who worked within the public process.

As a longtime charter operator, I can tell you the near shore halibut resource is in an emergency situation.

Anglers can remember three names when the near-shore halibut resource is destroyed: Bob Penney, Ed Rassmusen and Stephanie Madsen.

Mrs. Madsen, council chairperson, should be ashamed this happened on her watch. She has not just allowed but sanctified the demise of integrity in the system. She has allowed personal agendas to overrule biology. She blatantly failed in her duties.

Longtime cohorts, Rasmussen and Penney have made a mockery of the process.

Beware Alaska, under the guise of doing what is right for the public, these two conspired to sway the system to their own personal benefit.

It is a shame Alaska’s fisheries are controlled by people with no concern for the fish. Their concerns are in their own pocket and political favors.

Senator Stevens, the system you created has failed miserably.

Rod Van Saun


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