Family dog missing after accident

Insult and injury

Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lori Brown and her 8-year-old son have been waiting hopefully for their “super pup,” a five-month-old yellow labrador retriever, ever since the dog fled from an accident that rolled the Soldotna family down a ravine in Brown’s truck.

Brown, her son and their dog, Bo, were on their way to Anchorage on Dec. 9 when Brown’s Ford F-250 Super Duty truck slid out of control, off the Seward Highway and rolled about 200 feet into a ravine.

Brown didn’t know how many times the truck rolled before it stopped but said she and her son were shaken by the experience.

“I wasn’t knocked out, but I was in mid-air for a long time going off the ravine,” she said. “It was very scary. We both had a seat belts on, thank the Lord.”

And although normally Bo would have been riding in a kennel in the camper cab attached to the truck, on the day of the accident he was fortunate to be riding in the main cab of the truck with Brown and her son.

“Otherwise he would have been dead because the whole kennel, just smooshed down to nothing,” she said.

Brown suffered a fractured vertebrae in her back, but her son was not injured.

Although Brown and her son have not seen Bo since the accident occurred and he fled though a broken window, Brown said she didn’t think he had been injured.

Overall, Brown said she and her son feel lucky.

“Granted I’m going to be in a back brace for a long time, but you know that’s nothing compared to what could have happened,” she said.

But she and her son are eager to find Bo. Friends helped the family search for the dog for nearly 10 hours after the accident, but with no luck.

Brown, however, said they have received two calls from people who think they have seen Bo, and that she remains hopeful.

The accident occurred at Mile 100 of the Seward Highway near Bird Creek. One caller said they thought they saw Bo near a diner in Girdwood and a second caller told Brown they thought they saw him last weekend in Indian.

Bo is about 60 pounds and has an unusually long tail, and although his registered name is Bogart’s Invincible Infusions, he responds best to Bo, Brown said.

She said the dog is named in part after her IV infusion pharmacy.

“I know it’s kind of silly,” she said. “And invincible is because my son’s name is Vince.”

Bo is microchipped and was wearing a black color with ID and rabies tags at the time of the accident. Brown said friends are continuing to help her look for the dog.

“I’ve had so many people just caring about Bo and us and it’s just been a wonderful community feeling,” she said. “(And Bo’s) just really a great pup. I’m hoping someone nice has him that’s taking care of him right now.”

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