Co-workers aim to benefit shelter animals

Posted: Sunday, December 21, 2003

A small group of animal lovers have gotten together to make life a little bit better for a few animals unfortunate enough to find themselves without a home this holiday season.

Holly Campbell and Jamie Bras have started to collect pet-related products to be given to the animals at the Kenai Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

"We only started a week ago. I wish it had been sooner, but we're off to a good start," Campbell said. "We have several donation drop boxes set up through the Kenai Peninsula Borough Building."

That is where the two women work, and it is where the inception of the idea came to be.

"The Borough Building has a food drive every year and we always collects a lot of food for the needy, so we thought why not try to do some good for animals, too," Campbell said.

The two women don't take full credit for the project, though. They said it has been a joint effort involving several school district central office employees.

The two said people can drop off whatever they like, and donations also can be made directly to the Kenai Animal Shelter for those who live close by.

"We've already got several bags of dog food, cat food, blankets, beds, chewies and toys," Campbell said.

As to why the two decided to do this, the answer was clear, according to Bras, who has volunteered at the Kenai shelter for the past few years.

"They just can never have too much," she said. "Their funds are limited and what they have usually goes to the basics: food, cleaning products, etc. They have some beds, treats and toys, but not a huge amount."

Campbell added, "I feel bad the animals spend most of their day just sitting in a cage. They need more than that."

Bras said she hopes the donations will improve the quality of life for the animals at the shelter.

"Whether they are adopted or euthanized, we want to make however long they have left better," she said.

Bras added she hopes by people coming out to donate items at the shelter, maybe more people will become aware of how many good animals are available so not as many have to be put down.

"We're doing this for the holidays, but the donations don't have to stop. People can donate year-round," Campbell said.

For more information on where, how and what to donate, contact the Kenai Animal Shelter at 283-7353.

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