Reader doesn’t want people to lose Christmas’ meaning

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When I first started noticing the greeting “happy holiday,” it made me wonder just what our country is coming to. I started enumerating the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, and there are at least 20 of them. Count them for yourself, and these so-called holidays are not much more to the majority than to have a rip-roaring good time over a long weekend. Most are scheduled to follow the day before or day after the event.

I have an excellent idea to stop a lot of this nonsense. Lets take all these days, and I mean every one, and lump them into one big observance, celebration, swapping gifts, listening to and reading about all the hard-sell ads for which one or ones that suit your fancy, and line the pockets of businesses. This would mean every Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Presidents’ birthdays. Mothers and Fathers Days, Veteran’s Day and on and on. Each person could pick one or more to do their own thing, which would be to shout “Merry Christmas” at the top of your lungs, if that is what you want., or even Groundhog’s Day. And let’s not forget the loud atheists. They’d have to shout “There is no God” to compete with everyone else, as in reality there are so few of them.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier for everyone? But I’ll bet there would be a lot of sneaky people around who would remember what this “holiday season” is about and remember what Christmas is really about. It would take a lot of sneakiness on their parts to not let the commercialism ruin our Lord’s birthday for us.

I sincerely hope readers realize I’m writing this tongue-in-cheek. So to all of you out there, have a blessed and merry Christmas.

Mary Duffy


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