Mixing zones would color view of Alaska’s pristine waters

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The entire initiative for changing the mixing zones changes has the wrong justification. These proposals should never have been initiated at this time. The effort appears to favor extractive activities with complete disregard to probable damage to renewable fishery resources.

The unintended consequences (i.e. damage to Alaska’s fisheries raised in pristine waters) could be enormous — and long-lasting for both resource and its image. Won’t any mixing zone increases pose a probable threat to the growing reputation of Alaska’s salmon for our wild and pristine waters?

From the viewpoint of a 50-year Alaska resident, I strongly object to such mixing zone changes. The farmed fish industry could exploit the changes with adverse publicity about the trashing of our waters. I cringe at the resulting disrepair to Alaska’s salmon sales.

If the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development was paying attention — and was protecting rural resources — it should protest this as a threat to the fishery resources image of fish from pristine Alaska waters.

I urgently recommend these proposals be indefinitely deferred — which might be the best process so the present confusion and alarm occurring to date might be somewhat alleviated with that approach.

James E. Fisher


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