Is it worth the risk?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, December 21, 2007

Placing a big bet has a thrill for some, but the money is on the line. Not the roulette wheel, but the Alaska gas pipeline, and it's a little more like a crap shoot anyway.

We are the house in this role of the dice, so the odds should be in our favor, but as all gamblers know you still get to role 'em.

There are some heavy bets being placed, and it's already been decided that someone will walk of with $500 million of our money. What are we getting for $500 million that we are not going to get anyway?

And simply ask if anyone has really done the homework to see if maybe Canada wouldn't pay us that much a year to run their oil down the TAPS.

Maybe this word isn't getting out, but instead of dumpimg that much of our public funds into something that will never return that money to our bankrolls, shouldn't we look for the one that pays?

Still want to bet? Well I'll bet you $500 million a year in your pocket versus the same amount up in smoke.

I'd bet if we played our cards right, the Canadians would even pay for the gas line across ANWR and an oil line beside it to deliver their oil to Valdez, and we could make the project work in half the time the all-Alaska route would take.

Has anyone really asked?

Dennis Barnard


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