Peninsula gas prices not in line with those in Anchorage

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Have you noticed in the news the past couple of weeks that gasoline prices are falling fairly rapidly, except here on the peninsula?

While the prices here have dropped a mere one to two cents per gallon, they have come down as much as 15 cents in the Anchorage area.

You can now buy gasoline in Anchorage at selected stations for $1.789 per gallon, which is as much as 35 cents per gallon lower than the central peninsula.

We are being taken for a very expensive ride down here and it is time to let the local operators know how we feel about it.

Every time you go to Anchorage, take a couple of extra five-gallon gas cans with you and fill them up there.

Just 10 extra gallons can save you $3.50.

Check for up-to-date gas prices at

Les Little


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