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Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One molecule of oxygen and two of hydrogen and you have the mystical component of all life as we know it: Water. But all water doesn't seem to be created equal and some is even wetter than others according to Jeff Mastre who recently came to Alaska to start a Mennonite church and distribute an alkaline water ionizer known as Kangen Water. "It seems I've had Alaska in my heart ever since I could read the word. Growing up I'd grab and read about everything I could about the outdoor life of Alaska and its glaciers. I love to fish so Soldotna was a natural landing place for us," said Mastre in an interview with the Dispatch.

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Jeff Mastre makes water wetter.

Mastre's interest in living a healthy life led him to become a water expert. "The word Kangen is a Japanese word that means 'return to origin' and the water that we produce here with the Kangen machine is a technology that comes out of Japan that has been in operation since 1965. The ionized water is similar to the alkaline water that comes off a natural glacier which molecules are hexagonally-structured and micro-clustered, which means it penetrates your cells much easier than regular water. In turn, this flushes all of the toxins you have ingested over the years, out of your body from the cellular level," he says.

Mastre has opened a store in the same building on the Sterling Highway where he also offers a variety of Traeger Pellet Grills. On the first and third Tuesday of each month, Mastre offers a water testing demonstration that compares many different waters and their alkaline contents. "The next event will be on January 4th and everyone is welcome to attend. We do a visual that shows the difference between waters such as distilled and reverse osmosis and even tap or well water. It's very interesting to see the difference in the waters we drink and understand the health benefits that can result from the water our machines produce," he said.

Mastre will also schedule private demonstrations. His store is open regularly from 10:00am to 5:30pm just look for the pink Traeger BBQ Pig outside his front door or call 252-7500 with any question any time.

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