Regarding Pebble, it's the goo

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's the goo! Those opposed to Pebble are not opposed to developement and prosperity, jobs and a secure future for their children. C'mon man, it's the goo! That is the slimey often copper colored residue of cyanide used to leach gold from the quartz rock ore. That is the goo the massive dam is susposed to contain forever! C'mon man, forever is a long time, what's at risk? Only the resouce that has been the key to the culture and prosperity within the region for thousands of years.

With so much money being spent on studies and public opinion polls and the myriad of enviromental regulations, I simply would like to challenge the developers to really develop something. How about challenging our brightest and most talented chemist and physicist to find a chemical solution to the problem, no pun intended. Find some solution at the atom level to change it into a salt or have micro bio's eat it up. How much would it be worth, $100 million $200 million?

Just observing the money being thrown at this project is amazing. The huge multi-national's betting big bucks on the future. How about putting some of that money on the line? Because without finding a solution to your goo problem, there could be no future to your project. It's all a big gamble.

In a gambler's world it's called playing the come, or what is a guaranteed payout on that line. Kind of like AGIA, just hang it out there and watch the massive research capacity of our great nation respond.

C'mon man, it's your future Mr. Multi-National mining company, your way of life, your culture, on the line. You are asking nothing less from the people of the region. You want to see real developement? Then develop us a way to neutralize the goo! Put a chunk of change to you, on the line. What's $100M or $200M to a project of this size, roll the dice!

Dennis Barnard


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