Love of ministry, song lead to inspirational country gospel

A message in her music

Posted: Sunday, December 24, 2006

Miriam Humphries’ life spent in the ministry has led her to a musical career in a genre of music she doesn’t even enjoy.

“She doesn’t like country music at all but she sings in a country gospel style,” said Alan Humphries, 53, her husband and pastor of the Soldotna Church of God.

Humphries’ latest album, “Rest in Me,” was released in May 2005, following her first two albums “On the Road to Soldotna” and “Raindrops.”

Humphries took up music from an early age, starting piano in second grade and singing with her family later on. She started writing her own music after her first son was born.

Although her life has been as filled with music as it is with the ministry, Humphries never thought that she would have produced 30 of her own songs by the age of 52. She credits her husband with giving her the motivation to do so.

“The songs were really encouraging and inspirational to me as a person and I probably would have kept them to myself, but my husband felt that they were something that everyone needed to hear,” Humphries said. “He felt that they would help people as much as they helped me, and he provided me the encouragement and the way to do it.”

Arriving in Soldotna in 1987, the Humphries have spent 20 years pastoring the Soldotna Church of God. The church is where Miriam Humphries found her manager, Sherman Andrews.

“Sherman Andrews sang with the Imperials and Elvis Presley,” Humphries said. “He listened to some of my songs when he came to sing at our church and agreed that I needed to record them.”

Although Humphries has been singing her whole life, actually recording her songs was a whole new part of making music that she hadn’t considered.

“My first time recording was definitely not fun, very focused, very every-second-is-money,” she said.

Humphries views her musical talent as a gift from God. “Some people write poems, some people write books, and God gives me song,” she said.

Alan Humphries enjoys the new sound of the latest album, but Miriam’s favorite is her second album, “Raindrops.”

“When I did the ‘Raindrops’ CD it was at the lowest time of my life,” she said. “They’re deeper songs and He spoke to me in a deeper way personally.”

People call in and write about her music all the time, said Alan. There is even a psychologist in Yakima, Wash., who uses her songs on his patients. Her biggest fan is her husband, who is amazed at her ability to put her words to music, which he said he knows is a difficult thing to do.

“She is incredible. We all have our pain and she writes her songs out of her pain and her experiences,” he said. “She’s taken that pain to a level of uplifting and healing rather than wallowing in it.”

Along with her three country gospel CDs, Humphries also sells teaching tapes to women, but she wasn’t always comfortable with the idea.

“God began to place me in situations where I would go to sing and I would be sharing with groups of women and that spiraled into speaking at retreats and in the bush and that is where it has led me,” she said.

Miriam Humphries’ CDs are available at the Soldotna Church of God, at the Master’s Vineyard, and online at www.

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