Reader hopes others can experience his happiness

Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2009

I have a story to tell. I am 86 years old and during that time I have been married to the most fantastic woman that a man would ever want for 62 years.

I will begin this story when I was a young soldier in World War II in General Patton's 10th Armored Division.

A crew member gave me the address of a young, 17-year-old beautiful blonde-headed girl in his high school. I wrote a letter to her and she corresponded. Soon we were writing often to each other and trading pictures. I carried one picture on my person and had one in a frame on the mantel by my bunk.

We corresponded with each other until I was discharged from the service. She enrolled in business school and received her degree. I attended two years at Purdue and dropped out. Later I enrolled in electrical technology and received two diplomas at Purdue Technical School.

We married in 1947. We both came from good families whose parents had taught us well. Dad was always preaching to me, "do this, do that, do it this way." He always said, "Be proud of whatever you do. If you dig a ditch, then dig one of which you are proud." Honesty was his theme. Let your word be your golden bond. Be a good neighbor. Earn your living by the sweat of your brow. These are the covenants by which I have lived for 86 years. They have been my guide to live by.

We have been deeply in love for 62 years. We have been able to deal with problems when they appear. We don't point a guilty finger at each other. We do the chores as they need to be done.

We have four children, two boys and two girls. We have six grandsons and one adopted granddaughter, two great-grandsons and two great-granddaughters. All of them are gainfully employed. We never had any trouble with them. They do not consume alcohol, narcotics or smoke.

I hope that any young couple who are about to get married or have recently married will read this story of a couple who has been blissfully married 62 years and profit from it.

Amanuel Dabney


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