Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Dale Bondurant is man of wisdom, changing those lives he's touched

I wish to salute Clarion writer McKibben Jackinsky for her Dec. 17 article, "Champion of the Underdog," in which she pays tribute to Dale Bondurant.

If we are lucky, once in a while someone comes our way and touches our life in a way that we know there is something special about them.

Dale Bondurant is a great person. He is my idol. He is my hero. He is a champion who surely walks in the footsteps of God.

We sometimes visit Dale's home and encourage him to talk to us and give us his thoughts and advice. We've asked him to mail legal briefs to us. We sit close to him at meetings to hear his words of wisdom.

We have witnessed his kindness and generosity on many occassions. One cannot help but be touched by the years of tenderness he has shown to his disabled brother Bob, who is recently deceased.

Our world is truly a better place than it would be if Dale Bondurant had not passed our way.

Thank you, Dale. Thank you for just being what you are -- a great man.

And thank you, McKibben, for recognizing a tiny touch of his greatness.

I encourage you all to support and contribute financially to Dale's "Constitutional Legal Defense Conservation Fund." He's fighting for you.

Herman E. Fandel


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