Shaving it off helps United Way raise $50K

Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2006


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  CPGH CO Ryan Smith and CFO Jason Paret "Birds without feathers flock together."

CPGH CEO Ryan Smith takes the first cut of CFO Jason Paret's hair.

It’s been said that “God only made a few beautiful heads and the rest he covered with hair.” In the case of Central Peninsula General Hospital Chief Financial Officer Jason Paret everyone may now decide for themselves. Paret in learning that the employees of CPGH generously contributed some $36,000 to the United Way campaign last year felt rather secure in offering his mane if they met a $50,000 bench mark, “With a $50,000 goal I pretty much assured myself that their was no way they would meet that mark and that my hair would be safe, so I put my hair on the line,” Paret told the Dispatch. CPGH Chief Executive Officer Ryan Smith, already smooth headed, matched the challenge by offering to dance the hula with Dennis Murray of Heritage Place, if the goal was met.

The CPGH employees were inspired and increased their giving by more than 47% with their latest tally eclipsing $53,000. So last Monday staff and friends crowded into the Illiamna room at CPGH to witness the shearing and hula spectacle. “It was worth every penny, very funny, and perhaps the hula was more embarrassing than the hair cut. Our CEO Ryan Smith began the process but it soon became clear that he didn’t know what he was doing, at least when it comes to cutting hair. So Keith Eckerman, our registered Respiratory Therapist jumped in to finish the job without further torturing Jason. Keith works in our Respiratory Care Services department,” said an anonymous eye witness. “One thing for sure is that the $53,000 is going to benefit individuals and families in our area that have far greater challenges than having a bald head,” said Paret.


CPGH CO Ryan Smith and CFO Jason Paret "Birds without feathers flock together."

Jason says he has no plans of keeping his present look even though there are economic advantages in hair stylist savings. He says he has even asked for a few prescriptions of Rogaine to assist the re-growth process, “The physicians have assured me after a follicle examination that there is no need for Rogaine. However, after I calculate the savings I just may keep it for awhile, who knows,” said Paret. Next year Jason says he will pass the mantel of challenge off to a prominent physician, but expects the bench mark to be raised to $60,000.

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